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Sri Lankan tuition arena is on same grounds for decades, with no modifications. The tuition arena has not been able to adopt to a tech environment despite the amount of opportunities available. We got onto the field with the intention of automating the tuition arena with revolutions. We aim high, deleting the white boards, markers, pens and books is a high-end aim. As the start we introduce a fully automated process (Not just a software) for a teacher to do all his work except teaching. Making it highly customizable, as requirements vary from a teacher to teacher, modules as below can be picked to suit the requirements.

Student Registrtion
Stuednts can be registered in to the system while generating an ID card to each student by the system. By registering them into the system it makes easier to view their information when needed.
Student Profile
A student profile will be kept and each profile will hold a student's information regarding his personal information, tute information, attendance, performance in exams.
SMS Application
This feature will allow the parent to know when his/her child attended to a class. And when a class is cancelled or when a new class is scheduled parent and child both will receive a message containing the information.
Tute Managing
We have provided this feature to allow a teacher to add his/her tutes to the system so they can easily keep a track of every tute printed and their information.
Tute Report
This feature will keep a track of the issued tutes so the teacher can view how many tutes have been issued and which student has received a tute and which student hasn't.
Managing Classes
With our product sapphire we have allowed teachers to add new paper, theory, temporary classes and view all the classes scheduled for each day with the place.
Class Records
At the end of each class sapphire will provide you with a detailed report of that classe's attendance and issued tutes.
Exam Managing
A teacher can add or edit an exam in the system and let students and parents know through the sms app.
After all results are added in to the system a teacher can view positions in the class, set marks for each grade and view students who have reach the grade. View all of these statistics easily and save alot of time.
We will show you how you can automate everything.
Teacher who use TuitionFactory | Sapphire
They alrady automated thire class
Kumara Wanigasinghe
A/L Economics
Sanjeewa Dharmawardina
A/L Egnlish Medium Physics