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You just teach, We will handel your class

Adopting tech frameworks to tuition-arena, tuition institutes cannot be kept aside. The automation for the tuition institutes, “Emerald” is the process of providing solutions to automate any activity of a tuition institute. Student and teacher Profile management, Schedule management, attendance are some modules to select with.

Manage Class Schedule
All the classes this week manageable with good UI & UX.Easily Control all the classes from your finger tips & alert Students & Parents about class changes.
Student Payment Tracking
You can manage your student easy way.Quick access to all your students in the institute and notify parents about class fee payment.
Teacher Profile
You can manage your teacher in easy way.And teachers have access to there profiles and their class then they can easily manageable.
Teacher Payment Report
You can generate monthly,weekly and daily reports for your teachers,with the attendence payment and exams.
Control Institue
You can easly manage your classes in easy way.Edit,Add,Cancel your classes & gain class reports daily.And you can manage halls & Control your institute process in proper way.
We will show you how you can automate everything.
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