What is TuitionFactory & Why
Revolution Through Automation and Innovation

TuitionFactory is in the process of automating the Tuition-Arena with innovative customer oriented solutions. Powered with fully customizable software and hardware options, we produce processes to automate every activity within the tuition arena. We strongly believe that by replacing old manual activities with the aid of tech, the tuition arena is capable of producing more brilliant results hence contributing to the education flow of the country under a single platform.

Our Products
We always deliver more than they expected
TuitionFactory | Sapphire
The package of solutions innovated for the teachers. The process automates all other dealings except teaching. Schedule Management, Exam, Tute Handling are some modules, among which a teacher can select the ones required.


TuitionFactory | Emerald
Emerald is a full process automating what a tuition-institute needs. Replacing institutes whole management process linking students, teachers and their classs locations under one platform


Our Customers
Our Customer is Our Pride
sanjeewa Dharmawardena
A/L Physics

We started a program with TuitionFactory in our tuition class. Using a barcode card, we track down the attendance, tutes issued to him and other various factors. Also the exam results of the students can be obtained through the system. We can track down the attendance of students and identify the ones with poor attendance. Through this we aim to take our tuition class to a new level.

Adhisha Gamanpila
Co-Founder Gurupaara

We from SurfEdge(Gurupaara) are really impressed to work with TuitionFactory since we share a common goal to innovate & Revolutionize.But these days it is really hard to find good partner in business due to various reasons.But without any doubt or a hesitation I strongly recommend TuitionFactory services beacuse they are highly trust worthy, customer satisfaction oriented, understands the domain very well & highly committed.

Kumara Wanigasinghe
A/L Economics